House of Treub

This 18th-century European style building is located inside Bogor Botanic Garden, situated in the West Wing of the Great Garden, not too far from the main gate. The building was first constructed in 1885 and completed in 1887 and to be used as the house of the Garden Director.

This historic Dutch colonial building was once the home of the famous Dutch botanist Melchior Treub, who lived in the house during his time as the Director of the Lands Plantetuin for nearly 30 years. This prestigious architecture occupied 1,038 m2 land with almost 826 m2 of building size. Dr. Melchior Treub was the first occupant of the house who initiated the construction of this house next to his laboratory where he worked and performed his botanical researched.

Initially, the building consists of two separate building, which is the main building for the Director’s quarter and the east pavilion as the servant area. The main building consists of 6 rooms, with two main bedrooms, a smaller bedroom, a library room, a dining area, and a smaller reception area. The east wing building consists of a driver room, a servant room, employee dining room, employee toilet, and main kitchen. Later another building was constructed in the 1980s, adding another six smaller bedrooms.

After Dr. Melchior Treub resigned in 1909, the house was then occupied by all of the Directors after him, including Dr. Jacob Christiaan Koningsberger and Dr. W.M Docters Van Leeuwen. The last Director of the Garden who lived in the house was Dr. Dirk Fok Van Slooten, who lived in the house until 1949. Since then, the house was vacant and no longer being used as the Director’s residence.

In 1980, under the direction of the department of the Indonesian Institute of Science (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia) who took over as the operator of Bogor Botanical Garden, the house was then renovated and converted into a dormitory-style house under the name of Wisma Nusa Indah. The name itself was taken from the two Nusa Indah flower planted in front of the house by President Soekarno. In 1981 up until 2017, the house was rented out commercially to the guest of the department or visitor of the garden and was also being used to host special events such as meeting and wedding.

After a series of restoration and renovation, BAIO Hotels and Resorts unveil “The Melchior”, a boutique luxury hotel part of BAIO Luxury collection. The hotel finally open its doors in 2019, featuring 8 luxuty guest rooms with a number of facilities and amenities including restaurant, bar, playarea and garden. The interior design incorporate modern contemporary combined with Dutch architecture and West Java traditional element that abounds throughout a tranquil garden that surrounds the building.