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    Bogor Palace

    Bogor Palace is located at the center of Bogor, side by side with the remarkabale and renowned Bogor Botanical Gardens. The palace was first built as a mansion, because Governor General of East Hindia from Netherland (1744), Gustaaf Willem Baron von Imhof just wanted to escape from the crowded and busy Batavia that are just too hot and noisy for him. The mansion was completed one year after the intention, in 1745. It was named Buitenzorg which mean “A Peaceful Palace” or “A Place without Worry”. During the 1870, the mansion was changed to a palace after Pieter Mijer decided to use the mansion as a permanent residence of Governor General.

    Distance : 750 m / Walking 9 min


    Kampoeng Batik Bogor

    Bogor is a special spot for one of Indonesia cultural heritage, batik. The place is filled with batik local store that offers visitor with various kinds of pattern, from the famous Mega Mendung to Kutu Baru.

    Distance : 4,0 km / Car 11 min


    Museum Kepresidenan Republik Indonesia

    Is located inside the Bogor Palace. The museum was built as a tribute for the Presidents of Indonesia, and unveiled directly by the former President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The museum also used as an educational attractions for kids. Distance : 750 m / Walking 9 min


    Zoology Museum

    Zoology Museum collects stuffs or fossil from the animal world of any specimens and it is well-preserved inside the museum. The museum divided into two parts, first, is the one that open for public and used for an exhibition space, and it’s located in Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 9 Bogor. The other one is used as a collection space and only open for public once a year, in October. Zoology once was called Landbouw Zoologisch Laboratorium, built in 1894 by the idea of J. C. Koningsberger, a botanist from German. The laboratorium was used for research facilities related to agriculture and zoology.

    Distance : 160 m / Walking 2 min


    Salak Mountain

    Mount Halimun Salak National Park is a 400 km² conservation area comprises with two mountains, Mount Salak and Mount Halimun with 11 km forest corridor. The national park contains water catchment protected from urban populations and agricultural areas to the north, as several endangered animal and rare birds. Established in 1992, the park can be accessed from Sukabumi, with 2 hours drive to the post administration and 2 hours drive again to Cikaniki post gate.

    Distance : 53,7 km / 2 hour 27 min